Which Bs Division Are You?

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Which BS division are you?

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You are a Blade of the prince. you are the military might of the sun and all have reason to fear you.


You are a member of the Infrastructure division. You are an Economic powerhouse and very rich. All those repetitive tasks have left you with a lot of XP and you will often be a high charachter level too
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You have been told that there is an attack planned on one of your key sytems in a few weeks, what do you do?
    • A. 

      Amass as many ships from any nearby systems as you can and begin devising a cunning plan

    • B. 

      Begin building planetary and spaceborne defences, as well as building ships and calling other members to your position quick

    • C. 

      Nothing! you were the one who found this out, and you have another job to get started on.

    • D. 

      Command all local forces to your position and begin building up defences, a combination of 1 and 2

    • E. 


    • F. 


  • 2. 
    You have been informed there will be an attack on one of your Tax planets within the week, what do you do?
    • A. 

      You assasinate th leader of the faction to buy time for the others to prepare. you had long been a sleeper in this faction and you knew about the planned attack. months of work has just paid off

    • B. 

      You set in motion a coup and loot the faction for all it's worth. the 2IC of the faction was one of your trusted agents and now was the best time to activate him.

    • C. 

      You quickly transport all you can into a nearby system, transferring all the assets you cannot move to a sister faction in hopes that the agressors will think they have been beaten to the chase. once they leave, you return everything to how it was before and begin building defences

    • D. 

      You gather all the troops in the system ans make a valiant last stand, although there are only a few of you, your military tech is far superior to that of the agressor'

  • 3. 
    Your best friend is accused of betraying the Sun, what do you do now?
    • A. 

      You arrest him and take all his assets, if you cannot arrest him, you leave him locked up on a ship where he cannot escape. you then requisition all his assets and transfer them to the sun

    • B. 

      You consult your CO, if you get the kill command, you do it without question or any further thought.it's cold but it has to be done.

    • C. 

      You order the nearest person to get in there and A/Ethe motherfucker! no-one screws with my Family.

    • D. 

      You pretend to go along with the guy, feeding the faction he defeced to with false information and getting in good with them

  • 4. 
    You are given a month's LOA, what do you do with your time?
    • A. 

      You work on getting your own faction set up, hopefully it will be able to provide a decent income for yourself, or maybe a datacard for your own use

    • B. 

      You set about working your way into a powerful faction. maybe you can gain some power within them and do something useful for the Family

    • C. 

      You refuse the offer. Although you could spend a month Xp whoring by grabbing your scattered stuff, you can just pay a transport faction and do something useful with your time.

    • D. 

      You spend the time consolidating your assets, and running favours for your friends. after all, you have the maximum skill in capitals, so you cane move alot and do it quickly

  • 5. 
    What do you hope to accomplish with the Sun overall?
    • A. 

      I want to be feared and respected!

    • B. 

      I want money and skills, they will help me a lot

    • C. 

      If i told you, i'd have to kill you

    • D. 

      Money and power! Oh, wait i already have a load of both...

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