Where Does Your Water Come From?

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Find out what your water supply is.

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  • 1. 
    Where do you live, or what is the closest place to where you live?
    • A. 

      Atlanta, Georgia

    • B. 

      Barcelona, Spain

    • C. 

      Beijing, China

    • D. 

      Buenos Aires, Argentina

    • E. 

      Dhaka, Bangladesh

    • F. 

      Johannesburg, South Africa

    • G. 

      Kathmandu, Nepal

    • H. 

      Kisumu, Kenya

    • I. 

      Lagos, Nigeria

    • J. 

      Las Vegas, USA

    • K. 

      Lima, Peru

    • L. 

      London, England

    • M. 

      Manila, Philippines

    • N. 

      Mexico City, Mexico

    • O. 

      Montreal, Canada

    • P. 

      Mumbai, India

    • Q. 

      New York City, USA

    • R. 

      Nicosia, Turkey

    • S. 

      Perth, Australia

    • T. 

      Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    • U. 

      Tokyo, Japan

    • V. 

      Tripoli, Libya