What's Your Learning Style?
20 Questions
Are you curious why you do better in some classes and with some teachers than others?  Different people have different learning styles, which influences how you process information, solve problemsm, and learn new skills. 

The three primary learning styles are:
  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Tactile (also referred to as Kinesthetic)

Most people learn best by using a combination of learning styles although they have one primary learning style.  The most effective way to learn is almost always by using a combination of learning styles.  For example, you might be primarily a visual learner, so seeing the information written will be most helpful to you.  However, if you see the information, write it on a flashcard, and then quiz yourself out loud, then you are incorporating all three learning styles.  

Take this quick 20 question quiz to find out your learning style!  We'll email you the results:
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