What Should You Be For Halloweeen?

6 Questions | Total Attempts: 62

Halloween Quizzes & Trivia

A quiz on weird suggestions for Halloween costumes!

You May Get

The Un-Original

You are not a person who takes risks. Go for tried and true costumes like a mummy, witch, or pirate.

Crazy Costume

You love awesome, original costumes. Short on ideas? What about "Windy Day"? Take an old umbrella and turn it inside out. Gel your hair to one side so it looks like the wind is blowing it. For even more laughs, try duck taping random items to yourself, like newspapers, empty bottles or your cat. If your wearing a skirt, put shorts on under it and tape it up!!!!
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You are buying Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters on your block. You get:
    • A. 

      Hershey's mini chocolate bars, Reeses cups, and Snickers: Why get anything else?

    • B. 

      Whatchamacallits, and to trick the kids, mini toothbrushes just for fun

  • 2. 
    As you are decorating your house on Halloween Eve, you step back and see your handiwork. What's up is:
    • A. 

      Lifelike skeletons, gravestones, scary jack-o-lanters, a possesed scarecrow, and other creepy stuff

    • B. 

      Pumpkins, corn, and a sign saying BOO!!

  • 3. 
    Finally, kids start coming to your door, and you greet them by:
    • A. 

      Opening the door and giving them candy, duh!

    • B. 

      Opening the door so that they couldn't see you, then screaming "BOO!!" making the younger ones run away

  • 4. 
    You get to go out trick-or-treating at last. As you walk down your block, you:
    • A. 

      Pound on people's doors, screaming for candy

    • B. 

      Ring the doorbell, making sure the people celebrate Halloween

  • 5. 
    As you get back, you're having some friends stay the night. You start playing:
    • A. 

      Would you rather; Halloween version

    • B. 

      Nothing. You guys grab the nearest rolls of toilet paper and set out to teepee houses

  • 6. 
    Day after Halloween, your little sister comes and ask you for more candy. You:
    • A. 

      Immidiatly split half of yours with her, since you can buy more later when it's on sale

    • B. 

      Stuff most of your candy in your mouth and push your leftovers toward her: A Heath bar and one Reese cup


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