What Kind Of Boy's Will You Attract?

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Ever wonder what kind of boy's will like you? Well now you can find out!

You May Get

Bad Boy

You attract bad boys!!! They mostly only want one thing from older girls. But maybe the way you are you'll take it!! But younger bad boys you need to kiss your lips off!!

Good Guy

Aww your sensitive and so will be the guy who's crushing on you!! So get out there and find your sweet cute guy!! Oh, and do'nt come on too strong!!

Sexy Guy

Wow!! You got all the sexy, stemy hot guys running after you!! Your a lucky sexy girl too and got a lot of charm!! So don't let it go to waste! Go out there and get your major hottie!

Nerd Of The School

Ok, so you might not be a nerd, but only nerds like you. I feel sorry that your so lame. Ha just kiding but you need to step it up a notch!!

The Dumper

Wow girl. You must have issues! Any boy you date will end up dumping you!! You need some advice!

Forever Lover

Aww thats sweet like me & my bf!! One day you'll find a guy that wont break up with you! And he will do anything for you!! But beware if you break up with him he will cry forever. So make sure he's the one before you dump 'em!!!
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Do you come on to strong with most of your resent boyfriends?
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 

      Of Course!!

    • D. 

      You mean.. you know sex??

  • 2. 
    Do you get exited when your crush askes you out for a romantic movie and then go out to eat?
    • A. 


    • B. 

      Not really

    • C. 

      Maybe there will be kissing!!

    • D. 

      Please I'm going but theres gonna be an after party in my bedroom!

  • 3. 
    Will any guy go out with you if you asked once or twice?
    • A. 

      Yea duh! Im the cheerleader!!

    • B. 

      No im kinda nerdy

    • C. 

      Only if i promise them i'll strip for them

    • D. 

      Please they will say yes but dump me if we where ever bf & gf

  • 4. 
    If a lesbo came up to you while you where talking to your crush then KISSED YOU what would you do?
    • A. 

      Like it. Its sexy!

    • B. 

      Punch her in her face

    • C. 

      Tell her if she would like me to lick her two main private parts.

    • D. 

      Yell 'I'm not a lesbo!!'

  • 5. 
    A boy that you dont know walks up to you. You think he is sexy. You tell him. So he askes you wich would you like to do to him. Which would you do?
    • A. 

      See him naked

    • B. 

      Kiss him

    • C. 

      Rub his face and say i love you

    • D. 

      Let him go over to your house later with a condom

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