What Food Are You!

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What Food Are You! - Quiz

Have you ever wondered what food you are? Are you peanut butter or bread? If you were a strawberry or if you were cake? Well here you can find out :)

You May Get

you are peanut butter!

You can some times be stiky but mixxed with the right ingredients you can thrive.

You are bread!

You are light and airy but if left out to long you can be a stale mess.

You are a strawberry!

Ripe and juicey. You are well liked and great in chocolate. It's hard to find something bad about you.

You are Cake!

My personal favorite! Cake is always a favorite. A party is not complete without you! Only one in a million do not like you. Luck beast!
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You are sitting at home on a friday night so you?
    • A. 

      Watch gilmore girls and eat cheese.

    • B. 

      Me at home on a friday night? That is laughable.

    • C. 

      Call some people I guess? I didn't make plans

    • D. 

      At home alone is the usual It's just me.

  • 2. 
    You are at the movies and you have a choice between a horror movie, a chick flick, a kiddie  movie, or action/adventure what do you choose?
    • A. 

      An action adventure of course.

    • B. 

      A horror

    • C. 

      A chick flick

    • D. 

      A kiddie movie

  • 3. 
    You go to a resturant and they are out of your favorite soda. What do you order?
    • A. 

      Go to a different resturant

    • B. 

      Ice water. everyone needs to stay hydrated

    • C. 

      Since your favorite drink is pepsi you order coke

    • D. 

      I guess chocolate milk

  • 4. 
    If you could choose anything for breakfast what would it be?
    • A. 

      Buiscuts and gravy

    • B. 

      Pancake sausage on a stick

    • C. 

      Veggy friendly breakfast

    • D. 

      A grilled cheese

  • 5. 
    You are in a store and you have four t-shirts lined up. The colors  are red, purple, blue, orange. What do you choose?
    • A. 

      Red of course

    • B. 

      Purple i guess

    • C. 

      Blue is nice

    • D. 

      Orange can make a statment

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