What Celeb Are You Most Like?

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| By Chocolate19
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What Celeb Are You Most Like? - Quiz

you will get to find out what celebrity you are most like;Paris Hilton, Katy Price, Gok Won or the poor peter andre ! have so fun ! Girls and boys can have a go at this quiz ! But be aware girls you might become a boy celeb but dont worry;you boys might become a girl celeb!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 

    If you had 1000 pounds would you ... (A) put it away into your bank acount (B) spend it all in one go (C) give it to people for no reason

    • A.

      Give it away for no reason

    • B.

      Save it in your bank acount

  • 2. 

    If you were in the middle of nowhere what would you want, mobile, make up , spray tan or a credit card?

    • A.


    • B.

      Spray tan

  • 3. 

    Would you rather live forever with out a phone but you have a car or have a car but no mobile

    • A.

      Mobile ( any day of the week )

    • B.

      Car" i can speed "

  • 4. 

    Would you rather be or marry jk rowling

    • A.

      Jk rowling hmm marry then he will give me some of his money!

    • B.

      Hmm jk rowling i would be him , but i would not give out my money to people i fully dont no

  • 5. 

    Last but not least if you were a celeb would you like to be all over magizines and have all atention ?

    • A.

      Ye i love attention ( pose for the camera )

    • B.

      Some times but i somtimes cant handle and cope with it all

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