Was tragen sie auf der Party? - using adjectival endings
15 Questions
Max, Bao, Tom and Sarah are going to a party, but they have quite different taste in clothes. What do they decide to wear?

All you need to do in this quiz is add adjectival endings. There is also one item where you need to add the correct ending to a personal pronoun. In order to do this correctly, you'll need to focus on the gender of the noun involved and its case, that is, whether it is in the nominative (the subject or doer of the verb) or in the accusative (the object or victim of the verb).

After the verb "to be", the noun remains in the nominative. So in the sentence, "Das ist ein roter Pullover," for instance, the adjective ending is -er for a masculine noun in the nominative. Once you wear the red jumper, however, it doesn't just exist, it is having something done to it. It is therefore an object and needs the accusative endings, as in "Ich trage einen roten Pullover"

Before tackling this quiz, you should make sure that you have worked through the Quizlet on Kleidung and that you have a good grasp of the rules for adjectival endings.

Here are a few words/phrases that you may not have encountered yet:
  • die Klamotten - clothes, a more colloquial word for clothing, plural in German
  • die Party, auf eine Party gehen, zu einer Party gehen
  • praktisch - practical
  • bequem - comfortable
  • schick - elegant
  • schmal - narrow, thin
  • an/haben - to have on, as in to be wearing something (separable verb)
  • sich entscheiden - to make up one's mind
  • aus/sehen - to look, appear (separable verb)
  • mit/nehmen - to take something with you (separable verb)