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Semester 2 Final Exam - June 2013 Open book (Chapters 1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12) This is a multiple-choice and true/false test. Please use your mouse to click the small option button preceding the best answer to each question. Then, use the scroll bar on the right side of your screen to scroll down to the next question. Repeat as needed until you have answered all questions. Please review your selections before submitting. You may only submit your final exam answers once.

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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    What does URL stand for?
    1. United Resource League.
    2. Uniform Resource Locator.
    3. Uniformed Registered Learners.
    4. Ubiquitous Redundant Lasers.
  • 2. 
    In the URL, which part is the tld (top level domain)?
    2. .com.
    3. http://.
    4. www.
  • 3. 
    What does HTML stand for?
    1. Human Temperamental Mobile Linguistics.
    2. Hypervisor Textual Media Language.
    3. Hypertext Markup Language.
    4. Ham Turkey Mozzarella Linguini.
  • 4. 
    Which of the following is a version of HTML that's so new, it's actually still under construction?
    1. HTML5.
    2. HTML 4.
    3. XHTML 1.1.
    4. HTML 3.
  • 5. 
    Which of the following is another term for folder?
    1. Icons.
    2. Text editor.
    3. Directory.
    4. Dialog box.
  • 6. 
    Which of the following best describes what you see when you open a Web page in a text editor? A screen shot of your Web page. Source code. The rendered page. Video tutorials.
  • 7. 
    There are certain mandatory tags that every Web page must contain. Which of the following tag pairs are mandatory?
    1. <body>…</body>.
    2. <p>…</p>.
    3. <em>…</em>.
    4. <h1>…</h1>.
  • 8. 
    Which tag in a page's source code lets the user agent know it has reached the end of the document?
    1. </head>.
    2. </html>.
    3. </title>.
    4. </body>.
  • 9. 
    Which of the following is the proper closing tag for a paragraph?
    1. <p/>.
    2. <\p>.
    3. <p>.
    4. </p>.
  • 10. 
    What do Web browsers, search engine bots, and screen readers for the blind have in common? They're all tools for creating and editing Web pages. They are all transportation devices. They're all people. They're all user agents.
  • 11. 
    Suppose you create a section in a page that uses a level-2 subheading that reads <h2>E-Readers</h2>. Below that, I want two subsections titled E-Ink and Backlit. Which tags would be the best to use for the headings of those subsections below the h2?
    1. <h3>…</h3>.
    2. <li>…</li>.
    3. It doesn't matter what tags you use, so long as it looks good in the Web browser.
    4. <h1>…</h1>.
  • 12. 
    Which tags mark the beginning and end of a bulleted (unordered) list?
    1. <ol>…</ol>.
    2. <ul>…</ul>.
    3. <p>…</p>.
    4. <body>…</body>.
  • 13. 
    What tags are used between the <ol>...</ol> tags, or between the <ul>...</ul> tags, to define items within the list?
    1. <li>…</li>.
    2. <p>…</p>.
    3. <h1>…</h1>.
    4. <a>…</a>.
  • 14. 
    If you type &trade; in the code of the page, what will that show in the browser?
    1. A nonbreaking space.
    2. A bulleted list.
    3. A link.
    4. The trademark symbol.
  • 15. 
    In the tag <a href="index.htm">Home</a>, what is the href an example of?
    1. The closing tag.
    2. An attribute.
    3. The link text.
    4. A tag.
  • 16. 
    Which of the following is a common image type for print publishing that won't work as well for website pictures?
    1. GIF.
    2. TIFF.
    3. PNG.
    4. JPEG.
  • 17. 
    If you intend to use a picture in your website, in which folder should you first put the image (or a copy of it)?
    1. Your website folder.
    2. Your Pictures folder.
    3. On a flash drive.
    4. On a DVD disc.
  • 18. 
    Which tag below shows the correct syntax for displaying an image named myphoto.jpg in a page (assuming myphoto.jpg is in the same folder as the page that contains the tag)?
    1. <imgsrc="myphoto.jpg"alt="Your name here" />.
    2. <img src="my photo.jpg" alt="Your name here" />.
    3. <img src=myphoto.jpg alt=Your name here />.
    4. <img src="myphoto.jpg" alt="Your name here" />.
  • 19. 
    Which tag below would correctly display a picture named flower.gif at a width of 250 pixels (assuming the flower.gif picture is in the same folder as the page that contains the tag)?
    1. <imgsrc=flower.gifalt=flowerheight=250 />.
    2. <img src="flower.gif" alt="flower" height="250" />.
    3. <img src="flower.gif" alt="flower" width="250" />.
    4. <img src="flower" alt="flower" width="250" />.
  • 20. 
    On your average computer screen, which measure would be closest to 1 inch?
    1. 1 pixel.
    2. 1,000 pixels.
    3. 10 pixels.
    4. 100 pixels.
  • 21. 
    Which tags define a single row within a table?
    1. <tr>...</tr>.
    2. <th>...</th>.
    3. <td>...</td>.
    4. <table>...</table>.
  • 22. 
    Which tgs define a single data cell within a table row?
    1. <data>...</data>.
    2. <td>...</td>.
    3. <th>...</th>.
    4. <tr>...</tr>.
  • 23. 
    Which attribute is used in the <table> tag to define the width of the border lines in a table?
    1. Align.
    2. Cellspacing.
    3. Cellpadding.
    4. Border.
  • 24. 
    1. Which of the following is the correct syntax for creating a table cell with content centered within the cell?
      1. <td align="center">.
      2. <td="center">.
      3. <align td="center">.
      4. <aligntd=center>.
  • 25. 
    When writing a comment in the code, inside which of the following characters should you place the text?
    1. !! and !>.
    2. <p> and </p>.
    3. <!-- and -->.
    4. <td> and </td>.
  • 26. 
    Which of the following is a concrete, practical reason for going into business?
    1. To see your creativity develop further.
    2. To prepare for retirement.
    3. To quit working for someone else.
    4. To have flexible hours.
  • 27. 
    What are the Five D's of Success? a.Desire, Dollars, Details, Determination, and Diligence. b.Details, Desire, Duty, Discipline, and Determination. c.Discipline, Desire, Dependency, Details, and Determination. d.Desire, Diligence, Details, Discipline, and Determination.
  • 28. 
    A dry cleaner is what type of business? a.A service business. b.A retail business. c.A manufacturing business. d.A distribution business.
  • 29. 
    Which personal or business goal is most important for success? a.Making a lot of money. b.The biggest goal that generates the passion to start and continue in business. c.Giving back to the community. d.Spending time with family.
  • 30. 
    Like a marriage, what does a business need to be successful? a. A firm foundation, realistic expectations, and a total commitment. b. Lots of money to get the business started. c. Expectations about sales and prices from businesses 10 years ago. d. Only one person to control everything.
  • 31. 
    For an inexperienced entrepreneur, what is the most difficult option for starting a business? aBuying a franchise. b.Starting from scratch. c. Buying an existing business. d.Going into business with a partner.
  • 32. 
    When starting a business from scratch, which of the following is a disadvantage? a.No publicity opportunities. b. Lack of market needs and wants. c. Financing limitations. d.Untrained employees.
  • 33. 
    Training and ongoing management assistance are an advantage of which business opportunity option? aFranchising. bStarting from scratch. c.Starting with a partner. d.Buying an existing business.
  • 34. 
    What is an advantage of purchasing an existing business? a.Ease of ownership transfer. b.Publicity opportunities. c.Reduced time to success. d. A current customer base.
  • 35. 
    What is one of the biggest disadvantages of purchasing a franchise? a.Strict contractual relationship. b. Publicity opportunities. c. Successful operating system. d. Site selection help.
  • 36. 
    What is a unique selling proposition? a.A marketing plan. b.The reason your customers should do business with you. c. A business plan. d. A special sale.
  • 37. 
    What tool can help a small business survive unforeseen events? a. A computer. b. Frequent sales. c. A client list. d. Employees.
  • 38. 
    What information should you collect from your clients? a. As much as you can. b. Name and e-mail address. c. Name and telephone number. d. Name and birthday.
  • 39. 
    What is the purpose of market research? a. To conduct a survey. b. To study demographics. c. To purchase a database. d. To find out what your customers want.
  • 40. 
    Which of the following is an example of a market demographic? a. The time of year a certain product or service is most often purchased. b. Other businesses that are currently selling your product or service. c. The age range of the people most likely to buy your product or service. d.How prices for your product or service have changed over time.
  • 41. 
    What does a business plan demonstrate to a financing source? a.Your potential ability to compete in the business arena. b. That your business is already fully funded. c. Your ability to write well. d. That your business is in the beginning stages of planning.
  • 42. 
    What is the name of the document used to evaluate an idea or to get initial thoughts down on paper? aTable of contents. bFinancial plan. cTrademark. dOne-page business plan.
  • 43. 
    Which section of a business plan is a short synopsis of the entire plan? aProducts and services. bExecutive summary. cCover sheet. dTable of contents.
  • 44. 
    Which section of your business plan tells how you plan to use your initial funding?
    1. Marketing.
    2. Management.
    3. Financial.
    4. Suppliers and operations.
  • 45. 
    Who is the best person to write your business plan? a.An accountant. b. A professional writer. c. You. d. An attorney.
  • 46. 
    If you do not make a conscious decision about the legal structure of your business, how will your business operate by default? a.As a sole proprietorship. b.As a limited liability company (LLC). c.A corporation. d.An S-corporation.
  • 47. 
    What is the biggest advantage of a partnership? a.The ability to use the partnership's assets without creating tax consequences. b.The greatly reduced personal liability created by having one or more partners. c.The ability to retain earnings to minimize taxes. d.The continued existence of the business after one of the partners dies or withdraws from the partnership.
  • 48. 
    Dennis Callahan wants to open a plumbing business. Which of the following names could he use for his business without having to register an assumed or fictitious business name? a.Callahan Plumbing. b. Dennis G. Callahan & Son Plumbing. c. Dennis G. Callahan Plumbing. d. DGC Plumbing.
  • 49. 
    Of the following individuals, which one would be considered an independent contractor? aA temporary worker you hire to help during your busy season. bThe bookkeeper you hire to work part time. cYour spouse. dThe company you hire to fix the copy machine.
  • 50. 
    To comply with federal and state regulations regarding compensation and taxes, what basic requirement must you maintain? a. Comply with human rights standards. b. Maintain adequate records. c. Comply with Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) standards. d. Administer accurate benefits information.