Verbs Followed By Gerund Or Infinitive

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Gerund Quizzes & Trivia

If you are an English student out there, this quiz is for you especially dealing with verbs. It is specifically designed to help you find out how much knowledge you have on the use of the particular set of terms.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    The vendor may have agreed to sell/selling land
    • A. 

      The vendor may have agreed to sell land

    • B. 

      The vendor may have agreed selling land

  • 2. 
    Please, remind me to price/pricing those safety items
    • A. 

      Please, remind me to price those safety items

    • B. 

      Please, remind me pricing those safety items

  • 3. 
    We congratulated ourselves on to be/ being in that situation
    • A. 

      We congratulated ourselves on to be in that situation

    • B. 

      We congratulated ourselves on being in that situation

  • 4. 
    John sat in the boat and insisted on to help/ helping us to row! 
    • A. 

      John sat in the boat and insisted on helping us to row!

    • B. 

      John sat in the boat and insisted on to help us to row!

  • 5. 
    He refused keeping/to keep a balanced diet
    • A. 

      He refused keeping a balanced diet

    • B. 

      He refused to keep a balanced diet

  • 6. 
    She suggested going/to go upstairs
    • A. 

      She suggested going upstairs

    • B. 

      She suggrested to go upstairs

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