Verb: Infinitive And Present

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Verb: Infinitive And Present - Quiz

This quiz focuses on the use of the infinitive form, the infinitive marker, and present tense in Norwegian.

Questions and Answers
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    Correct Answer
    A. Verb
    This quiz is about different parts of speech in the Norwegian language. The correct answer in this case is "verb," which refers to a type of word that expresses an action or a state of being. Verbs are an essential component of any sentence and play a crucial role in conveying meaning and describing actions or events.

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    Jeg pleier å _______________ ristet brød med syltetøy til frokost (spise).

    Correct Answer
    The given sentence in Norwegian states "I usually eat toast with jam for breakfast." The verb "spise" means "to eat" in Norwegian, and it fits perfectly in the sentence to convey the action of eating breakfast. Therefore, the correct answer is "spise."

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    Jeg _______________ ofte en kopp kaffe til maten (drikke)

    Correct Answer
    The given sentence is in Norwegian and it translates to "I often drink a cup of coffee with my food." The verb "drikker" is the correct form of the verb "to drink" in the present tense for the pronoun "I" in Norwegian. Therefore, "drikker" is the correct answer.

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    I morgen skal jeg __________ på restaurant med vennene mine (gå).

    Correct Answer
    The correct answer is "gå" because the sentence is in Norwegian and "gå" means "to go" in English. Therefore, the sentence translates to "Tomorrow I will go to the restaurant with my friends."

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    Jeg har lyst til å _______________ en omelett (bestille).

    Correct Answer
    The correct answer is "bestille" because the sentence is expressing a desire or intention to do something, which in this case is to order or request an omelette.

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