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Dear students, Welcome to the Online Quiz of Engineers&n bsp;and Society (BEE10202). Please answer all four (4) questions hone stly and ethically. You are being monitored by an integrated& nbsp;online system of BEB10202. All the best! Regards; Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Y. Ismail Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

Questions and Answers
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    Briefly explain 4 main criteria to register as a member of Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).-graduated engineer -recognise engineering degree-malaysian -do not have police case
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    If an engineering degree is not accredited by Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC), a candidate can still register as a member of BEM.
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    Describe the main role of Occupational, Safety and Health Laws.
    • A. 

      To secure the safety, health and welfare of person at work against risks to safety or health arising out the activities of person at work.

    • B. 

      Examine workplace conditions to make sure they conform to applicable standards.

    • C. 

      Establish or update operating procedures and communicate them so that employees follow safety and health requirements.

    • D. 

      Nforms employers and employees of the regulations and standards alleged to have been violated.

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    Briefly compare the roles of SIRIM and International Standards.
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    You have completed answering all questions. Please provide your name and matric number.-Pavitran muniandy-de130079
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    Select the ones you like
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