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The quiz is about Edward of course. When you take this quiz, try to see if he likes you or is creeped out by you. Good luck!

You May Get

He Loves You

Me: What do you think about her Edward?Edward: (Grins at you) I think shes cute. (Comes over to you and takes your hand)Me: Awwwwwww!You: :DEdward: Will you marry me? I'll turn you into a vampire.You: Yes! OMG! A vampire!? Awesome!Me: Thank you for taking this quiz. Good Night!

He's Creeped Out

Me: What do you think about her Edward?Edward: Uuuhhhh...... she scares me. (backs away from you)Me: What scares you about her?Edward: She's totally phsyco!!!!!You: (You tackle Edward and try to kiss him, but security pulls you away)Me: Ummmmm..... thanks for watching everyone. (Runs into Jacob's arms)
Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    1. Me: Ok, Edward ask our contestent her first question. Edward: Alright, what do you like most about us vampires?
    • A. 

      You: I love how they smell! I could sniff you all day! you smell so sweet! Edward: (Backs away slowly)

    • B. 

      You: I love how you sparkle in the light. You look like a work of art. Edward: Awwww. Thats so sweet

    • C. 

      You: I love the fact that you can run fast. I could get places faster than ever. Edward: I am not a car. I am a vampire

    • D. 

      You: You can live forever. Thats awesome! Also you never age. I would wish for that any day!

  • 2. 
    2. Edward: Would you rather date a werewolf or a vampire?
    • A. 

      You: I would never want to date stinky old mutt. I don't wanna risk getting ticks. Me: You nasty old bloodsucker! You will pay! (Tries to scratch face but Jacob comes and holds back) Jacob: Calm down. It doesn't matter what she thinks

    • B. 

      You: I don't know. I like them both. But i like vampires a lot more than werewolves. Go Vamps!!! Edward: Sweet!

    • C. 

      You: Vampires! They are sooooooo hot! Just like you!!!!!! (Jumps out of chair and is stopped by security) Edward: Who let the mental person on this game show?!

  • 3. 
    3. Me: I need to go get a drink. (Leaves room) Jacob: (Goes back to his chair) Edward: How would you  feel if i left you for a couple months like i did Bella?
    • A. 

      You: When you came back i would smack the crap out of you until you apologized! Edward: (Whispers to Jacob) then im not coming back to her if i leave)

    • B. 

      You: I would understand if i was supposed to stay safe that way. i would rather be safe than dead. Edward: Well at least you understand

    • C. 

      You: I would kill myself! i would jump off a cliff for you if i had to! Edward: Uhhhhhh.... ok.

  • 4. 
    4. Me: (Comes back into room) Jacob: You alright? Me: Yeah. i swear i am about to beat the crap out of her. Edward: If you had the choice to dye as a human or go through the pain as a vampire which would you choose?
    • A. 

      You: i would go through the pain of being transformed. i bet you would kill yourself for me if you had to. Edward: maybe.......

    • B. 

      You: i would let myself dye! i woudnt want to be a bloodsucker like you! winks at jacob. Me: Im gonna kill you! (Jumps out of seat) Jacob: Stop trying to annoy her you bloodsucker. its getting old. You: (giggles)

  • 5. 
    5. Me: (Almost turns into wolf) Jacob: Calm down Brianna. It's ok. Edward: ok..... Would you drink the blood of animals or ppl?
    • A. 

      You: Animals. theres no point in killing inoccent ppl just cuz im hungry for blood. Edward: awesome. you rock

    • B. 

      You: I would kill ppl of course! Its funny to see them scream and run away. also you never get caught. i can run fast if im a vamp!

    • C. 

      You: im not sure. i would have to choose when im transformed. Edward: pretty smart thing to do...... i guess

  • 6. 
    Jacob: Hey my turn! would you kill a werewolf if you could? Edward: Hey this is my quiz! Jacob: who cares!
    • A. 

      You: Heck yeah! Werewolves smell and they have ticks and fleas! Edward; Ha! Me: Grrrrrrr

    • B. 

      You: I dont know. Is the treaty still on? who cares. Love ya edward! (blows kiss)

    • C. 

      You: of course not. youre happy and i wouldnt want to end youre life just cuz im annoyed or i hate you muts. Edward: ok thats pretty nice

  • 7. 
    7. Edward: Would you love me forever if you were a vampire?
    • A. 

      You: Yes! you are too hot to give up for something else. i wouldnt let myself loose you!

    • B. 

      You: Maybe. i might find another guy other than you. like Emmit or Jasper. (Alice and Rosalie flash dirty looks at you)

    • C. 

      You: If i absolutly had to i would. but thats not gonna ever happen

  • 8. 
    Me: well thats the end of our game show. Jacob: lets just hope edward doesnt choose that bloodsucker. Me: (Shrugs)
    • A. 

      You: Edward pick me!!!!

    • B. 

      You: EDDY PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edward: Its edward

    • C. 

      Crosses fingers. Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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