TQC Guideline MRI.2020.05.01 Self-Audit

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TQC Guideline MRI.2020.05.01 Self-Audit

CPQR and COMP are committed to supporting improved quality and safety within radiation treatment in Canada. Since 2011 they have worked with the medical physics community to develop a suite of 15 Technical Quality Control Guidelines designed to provide Canadian radiation treatment programs with direction for assuring minimum performance and safety of radiation treatment equipment and technologies.  The full suite of TQC Guidelines is available online.

To support local monitoring of adherence with these guidelines, CPQR has launched a set of self-auditing tools.  These tools have been designed to allow programs to assess their alignment with the TQC guidelines.  

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Radiation Treatment Planning guideline is available here. It is recommended to have it available throughout the self-assessment.


Once you complete the audit and click "Done" a score will be automatically generated for you to print off and use.

Note: The tool only allows for one answer to be marked as correct. Please be advised that although some answers will be marked as incorrect, you will still be awarded 1 point. For example: greater frequency = more frequent = 1 point. Less tolerance = tighter tolerance = 1 point. Answering N/A will not deduct points from your total score.


CPQR and COMP are also undertaking a comprehensive review of the TQC Suite of Guidelines in an effort to ensure they remain relevant to the Canadian medical physics community and reflect current practice.  If you have suggestions for changes to any of the documents please let us know by completing the survey linked at completion of this tool.

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