The powerful verb to be - sein
21 Questions

This is a little quiz on the German verb sein in the present tense. Use the table showing the sein present tense form to help you complete it.
sein – Present Tense Form
  Singular Plural
First Person ich bin – I am wir sind – we are
Second Person du bist – you are (familiar) ihr seid – you are (familiar plural)
Third Person er/sie/es ist (he/she/it is) sie sind - they are
Formal Address Sie sind - you are (formal)
Sie sind - you are (formal plural)

Of course you won't know the meaning of all the words in the quiz yet. That's why there is an English translation right beside the German sentences. Use the English translation to piece together the German sentences as you read them. You'll notice some little oddities straight away, like the fact that the first letters of all German nouns are capitalised.

If the sentence contains no pronoun, try to figure out which pronoun would be used in place of the noun. For example, the plural of
whales in German is Wale. You would need to use they to refer to them: 
Therefore, when you get to Question 15, you'll need to supply the version of sein that goes with they.

At the end of the quiz there is a little certificate and report to print out, if you'd like to remember the answers.