The Infusion Nurse's Role in Coping with Drug Shortages CE 0761-9999-19-274-H01-P&T
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The Infusion Nurse

Home infusion nurses take their responsibility to stay informed on issues affecting patient care very seriously. So, it should be no surprise that drug shortages keep them busy. Masters of collaboration, adaptation, and logistical implementation, IV nurses are put to the test with every new backorder, allocation, and recall notice that reaches the pharmacy or purchasing department.


When shortages are identified, home infusion clinical teams confer to determine how patient regimens might be affected, make choices about possible therapeutic substitutions, and modify all of the related patient care activities that follow. Nurses are key players in each of these activities. For this article, INFUSION spoke with nurses from several NHIA member organizations about the important roles they play in coping with drug shortages and managing change for the best possible patient care.

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