The 4 C's of Patient Collections: Change, Coach, Cater & Collect CE# 0761-9999-20-103-H01-P&T
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The 4 C

Are you trying to find a balance between caring for your patients yet still collecting from them? How does your staff react when asked to collect co-pays or deposits on larger patient balances? In this session we uncover the 4 C’s for better patient collections, allowing you to still care for your patients while running a profitable business. CHANGE the behavior and expectation of your patients and staff and learn how to secure those assets without extra time & labor resources. COACH your staff on why it’s important now more than ever and implement collection policies that reflect your new vision. CATER to your patients in your new collections strategy by offering new payment features, creating a better patient experience, in turn allowing for faster, cleaner collections. COLLECT by identifying core competencies required for each Intake/Customer Service employee and train to your new collection policy. 


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