Math Review For Incoming 6th Graders

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Math Review For Incoming 6th Graders

Hi 6th grader!!! The following math questions should be answered (USE CHROME BROWSER, Safari could give an issue) during the summer before you start 6th grade. They are to help you refresh and review general math concepts. This was not created to be "challenging" but more for review.

Are you nervous that you have forgotten a lot from elementary math? Don't worry...there are notes highlited in yellow on some pages to help you review a topic before the questions.

Here are 10 VERY important things you must know when using this special interactive Hoffkids feature:
  • Do this cool assignment on a computer/laptop/desktop/chromebook, not a phone (I suggest never doing important schoolwork on a phone). Even iPads will not always play nice with this device.
  • Do your math work on paper with a pencil/pen then type your answer online.
  • Never type answer symbols or labels (ex. %, boys, cm3 ) in the short answer box. Only type a number. For example YES...14    NO...14cm.
  • COOL -->You can SAVE and continue at a later time but you must type your First and Last Name in exactly the same way each time (not even any extra spaces)! There is a save icon in the lower right corner of each question.
  • You will see if you are CORRECT (green) or INCORRECT (red) after each question (awesome!).
  • Have headphones or speakers and WATCH the explanation videos that appear under FEEDBACK that Mr. Hoffman made for you explaining some answers (WOW-love it!).
  • You cannot skip questions.
  • You must finish all the questions or the assignment will never be completed or seen.
  • Do not use a calculator
  • You have unlimited attempts at this assignment to increase your math skills before starting 6th grade.
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