Test d’aptitude à écrire : (Free Sample)

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Test d’aptitude à écrire : (Free Sample)

The « Test d’aptitudes à écrire (TAE) » contains 116 multiple choice questions. For each question there are four possible answers; you are to choose the answer that you think is correct. Each correct answer is worth one point. No points are deducted for incorrect answers.

The test is divided into five subtests and assesses the following:
Subtest 1: Orthographe (20 questions)
Subtest 2: Grammaire (25 questions)
Subtest 3: Vocabulaire (25 questions)
Subtest 4: Ponctuation et emploi des majuscules (16 questions)
Subtest 5: Séquence logique des phrases (20 questions)

Of the 116 questions, 106 will count towards your score. Ten (10) questions are pilot questions that will not count towards your score.

You will have 105 minutes to complete all the questions on the test.
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