SWAT - Post Course Evaluation

6 Questions | Total Attempts: 20

Evaluation Quizzes & Trivia

Welcome to the SWAT Post Course Evaluation. This exam is designed to determine the retention of knowledge gained during your time in the Security course. A passing grade for this examination is 80% and your final scores will be sent directly to your manager.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    List all the steps in the Sales Approach Cycle (2 marks)
  • 2. 
    List the 4 stages of High Quality Sales Relationships, in order of importance ( 2 marks)
  • 3. 
    What are the 3 approaches in closing the sale? (2 marks)
  • 4. 
    What are the three elements to remember when handling challenges?( 1 mark)
    • A. 

      Acknowledge, respond, confirm

    • B. 

      Summarize, close ended questions, options

    • C. 

      Open ended questions, summarize, refer

  • 5. 
    Identify the types of common objections. (1 mark)
    • A. 

      Price, attitude , location , product

    • B. 

      Doubt, distrust, price, consideration

    • C. 

      Resolution, confirmation, summarize, benefit

    • D. 

      Disinterest, doubt , price, perceived drawback

  • 6. 
    The basic Member benefits are as follows. (1 Mark)
    • A. 

      Convenience, physical, emotional, security, affordable,

    • B. 

      Peace of mind, understanding, realistic, measurable, attainable

    • C. 

      Convenience, flexibility, peace of mind, security, profitability

    • D. 

      Profitability, physical, understanding, security, convenience

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