Survey For Careers In Event Planning

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Survey For Careers In Event Planning

Help me decide the future of Careers in Event Planning by letting me know what you'd like to see!   There are five short questions, just type in the answer as you see fit.   You can enter your name below, just initials, or put "Anonymous. "  

Questions and Answers
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    I have received many suggestions of topics to cover for people trying to learn about the event planning business.   Do you find it easier to learn by downloading an eBook (a PDF document) or watching online videos?   
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    I can teach additional topics by two methods; either eBooks that are approximately 30 pages long, or individual videos that last about 30-45 minutes.  Do think that $35 is a fair price for these learning modules?    
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    My newsletters currently end after seven months of free weekly newsletters.  I would love to keep offering free info forever; but it takes time and money to run the site.  Would you be interested if I were to offer the opportunity to become a member, (after the seven months of free info); allowing you to continue receiving weekly newsletters for $5 per month?  Your answer is NOT an obligation; this is merely a hypothetical answer to see if people would be interested in a membership option.   People who choose not to go with the membership option will stop receiving newsletters, but can stay on my list to receive updates as I release additional eBooks, video courses, or other helpful learning products.  
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    Would you (hypothetically) be interested in becoming a member for $15 per month if membership included continued weekly emails, additional suggested resources, and a monthly conference call / teleseminar hosted by me?  The teleseminar would not be interactive (due to the number of people attending), however you would have the chance to email me questions prior to the seminar which I would attempt to answer during the call.  I would also cover other requested topics and frequently asked questions about the industry and about event planning.   The call would last about an hour, and would be available as a download for those members who could not make the call.  Again, you will not be obligated based upon your answer; this is just to see if people would be interested in this option.
  • 5. 
    Do you have any suggestions or ideas of things you would like to see from Careers in Event Planning?  
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