"Steve Jobs: His Life And Career" A Video-listening Exercise

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Steve Jobs Quizzes & Trivia

Today the world is talking about Steve Jobs. No matter what you thought of him, he changed the world. Try to answer the questions while you watch a video about him from The Guardian: http://www. Guardian. Co. Uk/technology/video/2011/oct/06/steve-jobs-life- career-video? Intcmp=239

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Charles Arthur says that Steve Jobs “was incredibly single minded.” Single minded means
    • A. 

      You have one objective that you try hard to obtain

    • B. 

      You can’t think of more than one thing at a time

  • 2. 
    Steve Jobs wanted to create the iPhone because
    • A. 

      He thought other phones were too complicated

    • B. 

      He wanted a phone with lots of buttons

  • 3. 
    Steve Jobs believed that
    • A. 

      Customers want to wait for the best version of a product and not buy lots of new versions

    • B. 

      Customers want to buy new, better versions of the same product

  • 4. 
    Charles Arthur says,  “Pretty much every product, as I understand it, since he came back to Apple in 1996 1997 they missed their ship date because Steve Jobs would insist that things had to be better, that they could be improved.” This lets us understand that Steve Jobs was
    • A. 

      Not able to meet deadlines

    • B. 

      A perfectionist

  • 5. 
    The mouse, scroll wheel on the iPod and touch screens were all
    • A. 

      Revolutionary concepts that became popular because of Apple

    • B. 

      Ideas that Steve Jobs didn’t like at first

  • 6. 
    • A. 

      Invented the touch screen

    • B. 

      Made the touch screen easy to use

  • 7. 
    There were three areas that Steve Jobs “revolutionised”. What were they?
    • A. 

      Computer, films and music

    • B. 

      Computers, education and the Internet

  • 8. 
    Charles Arthur says, “The legacy that he leaves is one that’ll be hard to pick up, of trying to simplify complicated things, but it’s something that people would do well to try to follow.” This means that he thinks continuing Steve Jobs’ work will be
    • A. 

      Easy to do and people will follow him

    • B. 

      Difficult to do but a good idea

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