Chapter Five Section 2 Quiz (chemical Compound & Living Things)

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Chemical Compound Quizzes & Trivia

Chapter five section 2 quiz. Great for all those eager learners who are cramming for otmorrows test. . Hai?

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  • 1. 
    That which requires cell to expand energy and goes up to concentration gradiant is _________.
  • 2. 
    Carrier proteins that serve in active proteins are ___________ __________ _______ because the move substances from lower to higher convcentrations.
  • 3. 
    Most energy neededto active transport is supplied by ___.
  • 4. 
    The _________-__________ _______ is a carrier protein thats transport Na+  ions and Ka+ ions up the concentration gradiant. It also maintains the concentration differences in some cells of a higher concentration of Na+ ions outside the cell and higher concentration of Ka+ ioons inside the cell.
  • 5. 
  • 6. 
    Exchange of three Na+ ions for two Ka+ creates ______ ________ across membrane. where the outside becomes positvily charged and the inside negative.Important for nerve cells
  • 7. 
    Too large substances such as nutrients and macromules are too large and need __________ and ___________ to move in and out of cells.
  • 8. 
    Ingesting external floud, macromolecules, and large particles (including other cells) is __________________
  • 9. 
    Externel materials are enclosed by a portion of the cells membrane  which folds into itself and forms a pouch. This pouch then pinches off and becomes a membrane bound organelle called a _________.
  • 10. 
    The transport of fluids is ____________
  • 11. 
    The movement of large particles or whole cells is _______ which is how many unicellular organisms feed.
  • 12. 
    Some cells use phagocytosis to ingest bacteria and viruses; these cells are called _____________ which allow lysosoomes to fuse wojth vesicles that contain ingested bacteria and viruses.
  • 13. 
    The process by which a substance is released from the cell through a vesicle that transports the subsance to the cell surface and then fuses with the membrane to let the substance out of the cell is ______________.