Rewriting A Sentence Briefly

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Because of the low word count allowed in your summary, you will need to be able to state your points briefly. Give a short, one sentence summary of each of the long sentences. Remember to think of:- the main points that you need to keep in your one sentence, and- other ways of saying those points

Questions and Answers
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    1. The weather forecast for the next seven days is that there will be rain on most days, with occasional sunny periods. (10 words)
  • 2. 
    2. The principal gave the announcement that there would be a meeting during recess for the students taking part in the soccer tournament. (12 words)
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    3. Examination candidates are allowed to take only a notepad, pens, pencils, a ruler and an eraser into the examination hall. (10 words)
  • 4. 
    4. Oil reserves are fast running out, and, until scientists find alternative energy sources, we must cut down our usage and take oil less for granted.
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    5. In Japan, the public baths are very popular as social meeting places, where men and women enjoy soaking in the clean, hot water of their separate facilities. (14 words)
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    6. The Amish do not use modern machinery, yet their farms flourish because Amish farmers work long hours.
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    7. On our journey across the great, wild desert at the centre of the continent of Australia, we were struck by the astonishingly varied colour of the terrain and by the huge range of animals we saw. (15 words)
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    8. Khao Phansa is a Buddhist festival in Thailand, when people take to the temple wax candles, which symbolise enlightenment, and flowers, in appreciation of the work of the monks. (12 words)