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    ______-______: we have little control ◦EX: Fuel to produce electricity, water, fertilizer, etc. ◦ ______-________: we can control ◦EX:  how much water we use in the shower, whether we leave the lights on when we leave, what temperature we keep our homes
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    The “commons” that he refers to in the little of his essay are those parts of our environment that are available to ________ but for which no single individual has ________: the atmosphere, water, wildlife, forests, and fisheries.  The tragedy of the commons is that no one is taking charge and being ________ for the ________  ___ of the commons. 
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    ________ –The ability to meet humanity’s current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs
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    •_______ _______ –The amount of land, fresh water, and ocean required on a continuous basis to supply a person with food, wood, energy, water, housing, clothing, transportation, and waste disposal. –Earth has 11.4 billion ha = 28.2 billion acres of productive land and water –11.4/6.8 billion people = 1.8 ha (4.3 acres) –Currently, average ecological footprint is 2.7 ha (6.7 acres) –US footprint is 9.4 ha (23.3 acres) if everyone in the world had the same, we would need 4 Earths!!!