Regions Chapter 3

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Southeast U. S.

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    Skills:  Cause and effect Georgia has seventeen major rivers.  Many of these rivers were dammed during the 1930's.  Damming the rivers created hydroelectric power and helped control flooding. Georgia has fertile soil.  It produces more peanuts and pecans than any other state.  Pine forests cover much of the state.  Georgia is a major producer of tar and turpentine - products made from its pine trees. Georgia also has a mild climate.  Georfians seldom see more than an inch of snow a year.  When really cold weather does strike, Georgians may have a hard time!  Since they aren't used to icy conditions, Georgia's drivers creep along or skid over snowy roads.  Luckily, the bad weather seldom lasts long. 1. Georgia is a major producer of tar and turpentine. (This is an effect.  What is the cause?) 2. Georgia has fertile soil. (This is a cause.  What is the effect?)                                                                   3. Georgians seldom see snow. (This is an effect.  What is the cause?) 4. Georgians are not used to driving in icy conditions. (This is a  cause. What is the effect?) 5. There is hydroelectric power in Georgia. (This is an effect.  What is the cause?)
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    Skills:  Creating an Outline                                                                                          Louisiana Louisiana is on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  It lies between Texas to the west and Mississippi to the east.  Its largest city is New Orleans, located near the mouth of the Mississippi River. Louisiana has many natural resources.  Half of the state's land area is covered by forests, which produce timber and pulp.  The state's warm climate and rich soil make Louisiana a major producer of agricultural products.  It is one of the country's leading producers of rice, sugarcane, and sweet potatoes.  From the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana produces shrimp, fish, and oysters.  It also has great mineral wealth. Louisiana leads the county in the production of salt and sulfur.  It ranks second in the production of oil and natural gas, much of which comes from offshore wells in the Gulf of Mexico.                                                                                             Louisiana  I.  Where is Louisiana? 6.       A.  _______________________ 7.       B.  _______________________ 8.  II. ___________________  A. Produces timber and pulp from its forests 9.        B.  ________________________________ 10.     C. _________________________________ D. Ranks second in production of oil and natural gas          
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    Writing 1. The Mississippi River is unusual and important in many ways.  Write a paragraph telling how this river is special.
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    Writing 2.  What are some of the important natural resources in the Southeast?  Where in the region are these resouces located?