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  • 1. 
    What is your natural action orientation to the outside world? Judging:
    • Like to plan details in advance before acting
    • Focus on task related action- tend to complete meaningful segments before moving on
    • Work best and avoid stress when you keep ahead of deadlines
    • Like to use targets, dates and standard routine to manage life
    • Feel comfortable moving ahead without a plan; you plan on the go
    • Like to multitask, and mix work wih play
    • You can tolerate time pressure well; work best with pressing deadlines
    • Naturally avoid commitments that might interfere with freedom and flexability
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  • 2. 
    What is your natural energy source? Extroversion:
    • Act first, think later
    • Feel cut off and deprived without interraction from the outside world
    • Are motived from outside influences (people and things)
    • Enjoy lots of variety change
    • Must think and reflect before making decisions
    • You require "down time" away from people to recharge
    • Internally motivated, your mind is so active at times it's closed off to the outside world
    • Prefer one-on-one communication
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  • 3. 
    How do you naturally perceive the world? Sensing:
    • Live in the here and now
    • Automatically use common sense and pretical solutions
    • Your memory is rich in detail and facts
    • Like clear and concrete info; dislike guessing when facts are fuzzy
    • Mind is in the future and future possibilities
    • Automatically use your imigination to create and invent new possabilities
    • Memory emphasizes patterns, contexts, and connections
    • Comfortable with theoretical ideas and quessing it's meaning
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  • 4. 
    Which form of making choices and judging is most natural? Thinking:
    • Look for facts and logic when making a decision
    • You tend to notice tasks and work that needs to be do
    • Can easily give an objective and critical analysis
    • Accept conflict as a natural and normal part of life
    • Automatically think of your feelings and the impact on people when making a decision
    • Sensetive to peoples needs and their reactions
    • Like to get a consensus and know peoples opinions
    • Finds conflict unsettleing, have a toxic reaction to disharmony
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