Quiz: Auditing Culture - A Practical Guide
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There is an increasing focus on the culture of organisations, driven by regulators and government. As internal audit has remit over the whole of the organisation, internal audit can play a valuable role in providing assurance that the desired culture is in place. This presentation will provide a brief overview of what elements constitute an organisation’s culture, and will introduce a model whereby internal audit teams can audit, and report on, culture within an organisation. 

Watch the following video on “Auditing Culture - A Practical Guide” by Ms. Nicola Rimmer-Hollyman, Head of Internal Audit, Bank, Wealth and New Zealand, AMP, extracted from IIA Singapore's Global IA Leadership Summit 2019 and answer the following questions.

1. 1 CPE hour will be earned upon completion of the quiz between the period of 16 Sep 2019 and 31 Aug 2020.
2. A CPE certificate will automatically be sent to the email address provided by you below upon obtaining the passing grade of at least 80%. You are also able to keep or print a copy of the certificate.
3. No limit to the number of times in attempting the quiz.

Nicola Rimmer

Nicola Rimmer-Hollyman MSc, QIAL, CFIIA, CIA
Head of Internal Audit, Bank, Wealth and New Zealand, AMP

Nicola is a senior Internal Audit and Risk Executive with over 20 years of experience. An internal audit thought leader and disrupter, she believes that good internal audit involves a deep understanding of the organisation’s strategy and culture, and a pragmatic and proactive approach. Nicola has worked in the UK and Australia, for banks, insurance companies and the UK regulator. She is co-author of an IIA paper on managing culture, and speaks worldwide on how audit teams can provide assurance over culture and behaviour.

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