AAPG Quiz: Proppant Selection in Unconventional Reservoirs
12 Questions
Please read the article below to answer the twelve questions. AAPG E-ASymposium SeriesProppant Selection in Unconventional Reservoirs: An E-Symposium Terry Palisch, CARBO, November 8, 2012 Here is the PowerPoint from Terry's presentation:http://www.zenzebra.net/palisch/proppants.pdf For a full hour-long archived webinar, along with articles and additional materials about proppants, sign up today!  It's value-priced, and you may earn CEUs.http://www.aapg.org/education/online/details.cfm?ID=256 Sign up and become a member for your best strategy for Petroleum Education:http://www.aapg.org/education/
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