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The purpose of this practice quiz is to give you practice to entering your answers online before the quiz tomorrow. Before starting the quiz make sure to enter your first and last name. If the quiz is too small, click on "full screen" before starting the quiz. Good luck!

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    Find the sum or difference.9 + -1
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    Name the property:7 + (3 + 1) = (7 + 3) + 1JUST TYPE THE LETTER THAT CORRESPONDS TO THE CORRECT PROPERTY.a.   Commutative Property of Additionb.   Associative Property of Additionc.   Identity Property of Additiond.   Property of Zero (Inverse Property)e.   Commutative Property of Multiplicationf.   Associative Property of Multiplicationg.   Identity Property of Multiplication h.   Property of Oppositesi.   Zero Propertyj.   Distributive Property