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Tests if you can identify types of poetry.

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    What type of poem if this?FlowerPretty, purpleGrowing ever slowlyNoses giggle, senses smilePansy
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    What type of poem is this?First Day of SchoolIt was the first day of school,so I jumped out of bed.I quickly brushed my teeth,and ate a slice of bread.My mom kissed me bye.I ran out the door.I was so excited!1st grade had a lot in store!My teacher came to greet me.Her name is Mrs. WellingShe said we'd learn some writing,and maybe math and spelling.I loved my class already! Everyone was so nice!Lunch was super great,I got a pizza slice!We learned and colored,and even played a game. The first day of school is great!I hope tomorrow's the same.
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    What type of poem is this?Old lady Sal was big and fat.Her teeth were gone; she was blind as a bat.Her toenails were long.Her hearing was gone.One day she died; that was that.
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    What type of poem is this?Spring rain pours down hard.Puddles and ripples appear.Reflections and life.
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    What type of poem is this?LifeWhat is it?Nothing, something, maybe, perhaps?         When does it begin? When does itend?How does one perform life? purposepotentialprofitpracticeBreath of life - give it to me.I want it.
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    What type of poem is this?Happy food of joy!Outside barbequesTopped with ketchup and mustardDoused in relishOnly a few dollarsGas stations have the bestStadiums for baseball can always smell them.
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    What type of poem is this?He dribbles, shoots, and scores!The crowd is on their feet and roars!