PgMP 4.0 Simulator - DIY - Exam Mode (3 Attempts; 10 Days)

Program Management Exam Simulator

PgMP 4.0 Simulator - DIY - Exam Mode (3 Attempts; 10 Days)

170 Questions
240 Minutes
PgMP 4.0 Simulator - DIY - Exam Mode (3 Attempts; 10 Days)

This PgMP 4.0 Exam Simulator is based on the Standard for Program Management - 4th Edition, and it contains over 800 questions. Please note that the Full PgMP Exam Simulator contains over 1,800 questions and is only available through our training courses.

The Exam Mode is a simulation of the actual exam - 170 questions in 4 hours.  You should only attempt this after you achieve 75% or greater in the Flexible Mode. Otherwise, it can be rather frustrating. To create a more representative experience of the actual exam, make sure you are in a quiet exam with the computer and some blank sheets of paper with pencils. Some important notes:

PMI does not publish the actual passing score. Based on previous experiences (for other tests like PMP and PfMP), the passing grade for this practice exam is established at 80%. If you achieve 80% or higher on this exam, then your chance of passing the actual PgMP exam is at 70% - 80%.  Naturally, you should strive to achieve higher.

1. All questions (and answers) are randomized.

2. You should only use the Exam Mode after you attained 75% or higher in the Flexible Mode (sold separately).

3. To prevent bots from scanning the exam, the correct answers will not be shown when the test score falls below the 60% threshold. 

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