PgMP 4.0 Practice Exam in Flexible Mode (Free)

PgMP 4.0 Practice Exam in Flexible Mode (Free)

10 Questions
15 Minutes

Welcome to the sample PgMP practice exam. This is a free sample of the type of questions in our paid exams. In the Flexible Mode, answers will be shown immediately after responding to the question.  This quiz contains 10 questions, and you have 15 minutes to take the test.  The minutes/questions closely emulate the actual exam.  Good luck and have fun.

Note: We realize there is an error in the answer explanation.  The explanation refers to "The Standard for Portfolio Management" when it should be "The Standard for Program Management". We apologize for this confusion. We re-used the template from our Portfolio Management Exam Test Bank and failed to make this change. However, the error is only in the name of the standard, not the reference to location. We will be making this change soon, but it's very labor intensive.  Thus, in the meantime, we ask your forgiveness and make the mental adjustment. 


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