Personal CARE/fragrance Categories & Scripts

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Personal CARE/fragrance Categories & Scripts

Welcome to the Personal Care/Fragrance Categories & Scripts quiz!This is a required quiz, so make sure to put your First/Last name in the 'Name' field in order to receive credit for taking the quiz. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THE ADVERTISEMENTS - STAY IN THE QUIZ ONLY!Competency Learned: To properly handle, collect appropriate information, and document personal care/fragrance related customer complaints. Completion Time: 5-10 minutes Tools You'll Need: Answer Station

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    For all Personal Care/Fragrance issues there is a specific "script" of information you are required to collect in the private notes field of answer station during the call. What is the name, exactly as it in appears in the standard text console, of the new folder containing these "scripts"? Hint: You'll need to go into answer station and pull up the standard text box. The new folder is located under the 'Store Issues - NEED STORE #' folder.
  • 2. 
    Name one of the four new personal/care fragrance categories in answer station. Important: You must type it exactly how it appears in answer station, otherwise you will miss this question.
  • 3. 
    What is the first question that you should ask a customer for every personal care/fragrance scenario? Hint: Go through all the standard text "scripts" in the 'Personal Care Scripts" folder and look at the first line.
    • A. 

      When did you buy it?

    • B. 

      Do you still have the item?

    • C. 

      What is wrong with the product (broken pump, cap falling off)?

    • D. 

      What product did you buy (Brand, Flavor & Size)?

    • E. 

      False - The first question that you ask a customer will change depending on the type of personal care/fragrance issue

  • 4. 
    The ____________ is the 4 character number printed on the bottom of a bottle or in the crimp at the non-use end of the lip-gloss. Hint: See the last bullet point in the Wrong Scent/ Flavor standard text response.
  • 5. 
    All personal care/fragrance issues related to 'Adverse Reaction' are forwarded directly to HO when you click 'Save' or 'Save and Close.'  Hint: Adverse reaction issues are as important to A&F as Web Ordering Issues...
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    • B.