Early Elementary Environmental Literacy - Water Pollution
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Early Elementary Environmental Literacy - Water Pollution

   This quiz introduces early elementary students to concrete concepts related to water quality and water pollution. These include the nature of pee and poop, formal names for each, what happens to them in different situations, how much people make each day, and why it is important to clean the water that we use to carry our waste away. It also covers concepts related to rain and storm water.
     Vocabulary words used in the quiz that might not normally be covered in the early elementary curriculum are : algae, bacteria, chamber pot, compost, computers, drain, engineer, expanding, falling, feces, fish, flush, fungi, gallon, lawn, ounce, outhouse, parking lot, plumber, pipe, rain barrel, rising, roof, sanitary sewer, septic system, septic tank, shrinking, storm sewer, storm water, tap water,  toilet, toilet tank, treatment plant, urine, wastewater. 
     The questions are multiple choice, with four answers for each question. There are 30+ questions total, but you can pick a smaller number of randomly selected questions using the gear icon on this page.

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