International Adoption Training Quiz (For Programs Purchased 11/15/2014 Or After)
42 Questions

Congratulations on completing the International Adoption Training DVD set, discussion questions, and book of additional information and supplementary articles. You may now complete the training by taking and passing the International Adoption Training quiz. The questions included correspond with the information that you have learned in this program, and will test your knowledge of international adoption issues.

You will be emailed a Certificate of Completion after the quiz has been passed, within two business days. You may need to forward the certificate on to your social worker or child placement agency.

The quiz should take approximately one hour.

Please Note: When entering names into the registration box of this quiz, please be sure to use names of all parents (i.e. John and Jane Doe, John Doe and Jane Smith, or Jane Doe if single).  Each case-sensitive, unique ID is found on the back of the DVD case.


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