Test Your Knowledge About Ghana! Trivia Facts Quiz

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Test Your Knowledge About Ghana! Trivia Facts Quiz

The trivia facts quiz below is perfect to test your knowledge about Ghana! British rule over the Gold Coast began in 1820 and Ghana became a republic in 19060 after it got its independence. Today most Ghanaians self-identify as Christians but some native religion practices are still being kept alive. Give the quiz a try and get to see what new information you will learn about the country and its people.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    MAHARAJAH NOD MI MAN (Clue: Government Personality)
  • 2. 
    BOGAN AT LAG (Clue: Regional Capital)
  • 3. 
    INFANTA OAK TAN (Clue: UN Personality)
  • 4. 
    KENO TONK (Clue: Ghana Dish made of cassava)
  • 5. 
    AIRWAY HE MAKI (Clue: Ghanaian writer)
  • 6. 
    TOWN ME NA (Clue: Silk and Cotton Fabric)
  • 7. 
    LOOK GO (Clue: Stringed musical instrument)
  • 8. 
    AQUA XI RAP LA (Clue: Scientific Name of Ghanaian Bird)
  • 9. 
    CAMERAWOMAN HUNK MAK PEGH (Clue: Sportsman nicknamed "Snow Leopard")
  • 10. 
    KINDA AR (Clue: Type of Printing)
  • 11. 
    KINKY IMMY (Clue: Rattray Symbol for Twisted)
  • 12. 
    WOODBINS BI ALAS (Clue: Island in Ghana)
  • 13. 
    FAN KA ARE (Clue: Type of Sword)
  • 14. 
    SAU KOA (Clue: Word that means Girl)
  • 15. 
    DAMAKINING HE SOL (Clue: Was a Kingdom in Ghana)
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