Czech Language Verb Test: Trivia!

9 Questions | Total Attempts: 127

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Czech Language Verb Test: Trivia!

This is a Czech language verb test that is perfect for any student that wishes to test their understanding when it comes to how one should use verbs and what they are in English. Do you feel like you can tackle it with ease? Tale this test and get to know for sure. All the best and be on the lookout for others like it!

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    To change
  • 2. 
    to appear
  • 3. 
    to bend
  • 4. 
    to describe
  • 5. 
    to bend forward
  • 6. 
    to fall down
  • 7. 
    to worsen
  • 8. 
    to show
  • 9. 
    to moderate
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