Get Rid Of That Turkey Gut And Aim For Glory #1

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Turkey Quizzes & Trivia

Workout set one. Get ready to work off your turkey legs!

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    You will use this video multiple times throughout this workout. 
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    Get ready warm up with a State Mark.  Quickly review your changes before you warm up so they are fresh in your mind. This includes FACIALS. Set up a mirror and get angry. Pay special attention to tightness. Remember that you have to be tight the entire time not just on stick it moves. Our biggest problem is softness on the in between.  Take note of when you start to tire out and record it below. Keep that as a mental note for yourself. For example: You are just getting to Death Kicks and you know its hard as you move there you feel your body slack and try to save energy. Take note of this so you can learn to train yourself to PUSH THROUGH it. Also take note of the places you get most excited about and how you react when you are reaching that portion of that dance. This is an emotion or feeling that you can remember to use in areas that need it. Take note of both things in the portion below. 
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    Grab your water bottle, notebook, pen, paper and get stretching. Play the Guts and Glory video 2 times and write down a Minimum of 5 things you need to work on in Chunk #3.  This chunk runs from moving to mighty fall to the end of the dance.  You can take notes on other areas as well, it wont hurt but  for this work out we are focusing on Chunk #3. After you are finished please fill in your five areas in Chunk #1 that you need to work on.
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    Kicks of the Dance.  Next you will drill each kick set 3 times full out.  Pay attention to your guiding. Using a mirror is a great tool. Just make sure that you balance between drilling your guides and watching your kicks. After you drill each kick play the music and do the kicks of the dance with music twice. While not kicking mentally go over choreography and formations. Make sure to make up kicks that you miss. REMEMBER your kicks should end HIGHER than you start. Not the opposite. You need to PUSH YOURSELF through to the end and aim for your face.  When complete record what kicks you struggled with and your successes. Did you finally just hit that entire kick set with guides included? We want to hear about it! 
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    Chunk #3. Go through this chunk count for count in 8 count chunks. Paying special attention to your timing. When you hit a point that you need to work on more personally take some extra time. This entire chunk should be drilled FULL OUT FOR 20 minutes. After you complete your drilling time. Take note of 1. Start Time 2. End Time 3. What you improved on or feel more comfortable with 4. What you need to work on still.   Be proud of yourself for accomplishing tasks and keep the things that you need to improve on in the back of your mind. Remember that it is a process so do not be too hard on yourself. 
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    Our russians need work. Do 3 russians focusing on the new prep, chest up, toes pointed and landing up.  Sit in your R splits for 1 minute while you rest. 3 more russians. Left Splits for 1 minute. 3 more russians. Center splits for 1 minute. Let us know your improvements, challenges and if you are flat on your splits. 
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    Dance Full Out/State Mark back to back. Because despite being an underdog we will be the hardest working team in AA.  The First time focus on Chunk #1. Do Chunk #1 Full out with all of your energy possible really solidifying all of your had work in the last section.  After Chunk one, state mark the rest of the dance with FULL OUT RUSSIANS. Focus on your tightness your timing and your facials for the last two chunks. Take a 1 Min break. With your water bottle and your thoughts going over what you could have done better on. Really be hard on yourself. You can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. Don't be lazy just do it. I promise it will pay off.  FULL OUT Entire Dance. You can do this! Really pay attention to those slack areas and push yourself to be stronger. Find a trigger to get you through that portion. How would you feel if we didn't hear our name at sections? Grab that emotion and sprint through this dance.  After you are finished grab your water bottle and record your notes. Take an entire five minutes at least to really think about it.   1. What was successful? 2. What needs work? 3. What are you proud of?  4. What would have made us proud?  Dont be afraid to praise yourself. You've earned it. 
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    Well its been five minutes.... How do you feel?  Ready to kick some AA BOOTY?!?!? 
    • A. 

      Duh, I was born for this! Feeling awesome.

    • B. 

      YEAH! Just as soon as I find my legs.

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    Plyo. Explosive Jumps. Really explode and get yourself off the ground as heigh as possible. It is very important that you limit the time you are on the ground. These jumps only benefit you if you actually explode out of them.  1. Lunge- explode up- switch legs. 15 times. Take a minute rest. Do it again 2. One Legged Tuck Jump. Same as lunge only 10 each side rest 3. Regular plank Lunge Star for 1 minute Side plank for 1 minute Side plank for 1 minute Record your thoughts on difficulty. Was this too hard? Could you do more? 
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    Long Stretch.  Really really REALLY stretch yourself out for 15-20 minutes.  This will cut down on soreness and gain you flexibility. Its a win-win and who wouldn't take two wins?  What areas do you need to work on flexibility wise? Skill wise? Let us know and do some research. Youtube can be an amazing tool. Find a new way to stretch or how to do a skill and tell us about it below. 
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    WOO HOO GO YOU! Now take a selfie and show off your accomplishment! Post to FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat or just send a picture to your sister :) 
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