NHIA's Recommendations for Home Infusion Operations in the Age of COVID-19 CE# 0761-9999-20-054-H01-P&T
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Providing home-based health care in a pandemic is the definition of doing more with less. In the public health crisis following the U.S. arrival of COVID-19 providers of home and specialty infusion therapy are charged with keeping patients and staff safe while ramping up capacity to relieve the pressure from surging needs in the acute care sector. As all this is happening, everyone on the health care continuum is grappling with dire equipment shortages, expecting workforce interruptions, and preparing for the long haul.


The following article assembles guidance and recommendations from the National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) for providing services during the COVID-19 outbreak. Here, we will focus primarily on the operational and sterile compounding facets of home infusion organizations.

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