Mythical Creatures Quiz.

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Mythical Creature Quizzes & Trivia

A quiz about mythical creatures. Very fun. After a few questions I will put more questions in one box. (At about after 3. )

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Q1. If you were a vampire what would be the most bad thing that could happen to you?                                                    1  /1
  • 2. 
    Q2. If you were a wizard what would be you're worst fear?                                                          /1
  • 3. 
    Q3. If you were a dragon where would you go?                                                            /1
  • 4. 
    Q4. If you met a genie what would you do?Q5. If you were a genie would you make wishes go wrong?Q6. If you were a vampire who would you bite? Q7. If you were a wizard who would be the first person you would use magic on?Q8. If you were were a dragon what type of dragon would you want to be? Q9.If you were cyclops who would be the first person to step on? Q10. If you were the three headed dog in Greece who would you let through?                                                     /7