Complaints Check | Set 1 | November 2015

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Complaints Check | Set 1 | November 2015


Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Read the transcript below:Guest said he tried to book several times online but kept on having error transaction. It took time before the agent responded and said she’ll double check.01:16 - Guest provided his stay dates. (April 8 – 3 nights; 2 adults)02:04 - Dead air; then guest expressed that the transaction did not go through that’s why he called. Agent was silent on the other line.Agent offered flexible and nonflexible rates and asked to book the reservation.09:54– Guest said he’s good to go; agent read sales conditions and processed the booking.17:00 – Agent asked if guest would allow to confirm the booking; guest said yes; agent confirmed the booking.Guest said his only concern is to make sure that he doesn’t have two reservations.17:28 – Agent clarified if the guest tried to make the reservation and received an email advising it did not push through. Client said yes.17:51 – Agent said she will check, guest provided reservation file#.18:30-39:22 Agent placed call on hold.Agent said she tried to call the hotel but manager is not available. Agent said she will keep in touch with the guest but would need to speak with the manager first.40:21 – Agent confirmed there are 2 cancellations and 2 bookings and will keep in touch with the hotel and ask to cancel the other one. Agent set expectations advising that guest may already be double charged and asked for a good phone number.Agent apologized she did not hear the first time the guest advised he tried to book a room already and said they will do their very best to process a refund and will keep in touch with the guest. EOC What caused the agent error? (2 pts)
  • 2. 
    What is the correct process to follow to avoid double bookings? (3 pts)
  • 3. 
    Read the transcript of the booking call below and indicate on the answer box the statement that caused the error. (2 pts)  00:26 - Guest: "I'm booking online and it says that I can use Le Club, so I'm wondering if that gives me access to the club on the floor including on your breakfast please?"00:40 - Agent: " Okay, not a problem on that sir, let me go ahead and first check on this information. May I have your membership number please?"00:48 - Guest gave his GOLD membership.02:30 - Guest: "I got a rate here at the moment of 387 AUD which includes tax and also breakfast."02:40 - Agent: "and what type of room is that sir?"02:43 - Guest: "It looks like it is a King room I believe. So It can either be a king bed or a twin, It doesn’t matter."02:55 - Agent: "Okay, no problem with that sir, kindly hold on here okay?"03:00 - Guest: "Thank you very much"04:13 - Agent: " Okay, as what I see here regarding on your membership sir, you have a complimentary access to the executive lounge as long as the club is available at the property and since this is available at the Sofitel sir, you can definitely go to the club lounge, Okay?"04:34 - Guest: "Beautiful, so I just need to present my card. If I'm not there, my wife will be there, she's under my membership anyway okay, is that fine?"04:44 - Agent: " That will be fine sir since that is already one of the benefits under the Le Club Accor Gold member. Since you are one of the staying guest and you will be with your wife sir, definitely that will be fine."05:00 - Guest: "Fantastic"05:05 - Guest: Can you confirm if the club lounge is open on Saturday afternoon/night?"05:13 - Agent: "For this one sir, I don't have the information. You can go ahead and contact the hotel directly."05:20 - Guest: "Okay no problem"05:23 - Agent: "But regarding the access sir, rest assured that you have an access to the club lounge as a Le Club Accor Gold member."
  • 4. 
    What is the agent’s error? (1 pt)
    • A. 

      Misinformation – Room Type Offered

    • B. 

      Negligence – Wrong Room Type Booked

    • C. 

      Misinformation – Club Lounge Access Benefit

    • D. 

      A and B

  • 5. 
    Give 5 benefits of an LCAH Gold member. (5 pts)
  • 6. 
    Read the transcript carefully.  Cx calls to cancel a reservation she just made today under a flexible rate.Agent asked for the confirmation number; Cx gave file number XXXXXXX.01:47 – Agent asked cx to verify the reservation.02:15 - Agent said she will cancel the reservation,02:31 – Agent: Ok so I’ll go ahead and cancel this right now, ok?Cx: Thank you for that.Agent: No problem.2:48 – Agent asked the reason of cancelling; cx said it’s a change of plan.03:11 – Agent: Alright so the reservation is now fully cancelled and you won’t be charged for anything ok?Cx: Awesome thank you for that.Agent offered future assistance. EOC A few days later, guest called in advising that she has been charged with NO SHOW when she cancelled the reservation 1 month in advance. What did the agent miss to provide in the above conversation? (1 pt)
  • 7. 
    You received a call from the duty manager of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (6308) regarding a guest who checked in last November 7. The guest claims he was advised by the booking agent that he can still use the FOC even after the Accor Plus membership expires. The membership expired on 7th of November. The guest is not willing to renew the membership neither pay the room cost for tonight.  What should have been the correct advice to the guest? (2 pts)
  • 8. 
    Guest called in to book a room at Hotel Continental Zurich – Mgallery Collection under the supersale rate. You checked and saw that the promotional rate was available and you offered it to the guest, guest declined at first but you’re able to handle the objection accordingly so the guest agreed to proceed with the booking. You got all the details you need and was about to provide a recap when the line suddenly got disconnected. What is the correct process for such scenario? (1 pt)
    • A. 

      Confirm the booking right away.

    • B. 

      Wait for the guest to call back.

    • C. 

      Call the guest back then confirm.

    • D. 

      None of the above

  • 9. 
    Select all that should be covered when offering rates to the guest. (4 pts)
    • A. 

      Nightly rate

    • B. 

      Cancellation Policy

    • C. 

      Le Club Accorhotels teaser

    • D. 

      Tax and other inclusions

    • E. 


    • F. 

      Hotel location and amenities

  • 10. 
    The easiest way to avoid a complaint about dates resulting to Negligence is to __________________________ before offering rates and before confirming the reservation to make sure that both parties are in full agreement that it is the correct date. (1 pt)
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