Presence Preference

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  • 1. 
    I would describe myself as...
    • A. 

      Quietly aware

    • B. 


  • 2. 
    Friends would be more likely to say…
    • A. 

      I’m usually the person who is most interested in what others have to say

    • B. 

      I’m usually the person who shares the most interesting stories

  • 3. 
    In group situations I would rather...
    • A. 

      Take the lead

    • B. 

      Hear what others have to say first

  • 4. 
    I enjoy...
    • A. 

      Listening to stories

    • B. 

      Telling stories

  • 5. 
    I am more comfortable when I’m…
    • A. 

      Doing most of the talking

    • B. 

      Helping others shine

  • 6. 
    I often find myself...
    • A. 

      Answering questions

    • B. 

      Asking questions