Chapter 6 Sample Quiz

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Chapter 6 Sample Quiz

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    A test environment comprised of stubs and drivers needed to execute a test
  • 2. 
    Overall process of execution of testing
  • 3. 
    The effect on the component or system by the measurement instrument when the component or the system is being measured
  • 4. 
    A tool that provides support to the test management and control part of a test process
  • 5. 
    A tool supports the recording of requirements, requirement attributes and annotation
  • 6. 
    A tool that facilitates the recording of status tracking of incidents
  • 7. 
    A tool that provides support for the identification and control of configuration items
  • 8. 
    A tool that provides support to the review process
  • 9. 
    A tool that carries out static analysis
  • 10. 
    A tool that carries out static code analysis
  • 11. 
    Analysis of source code carried out without execution of that software
  • 12. 
    A tool that supports the creation, amendment and verification of models of the software or system
  • 13. 
    A tool that supports test design activity by generating test inputs from a specification that may be held in a case tool repository
  • 14. 
    A type of test tool that enables data to be selected from existing databases or created, generated, manipulated and edited for use in testing
  • 15. 
    A type of test tool that is able to execute other software using an automated test script
  • 16. 
    A type of test execution tool where inputs are recorded during manual testing in order to generate automated test scripts that can be executed later
  • 17. 
    A tool that provides an environment for unit or component testing in which a component can be tested in isolation or with suitable stubs and drivers
  • 18. 
     a test tool to perform automated test comparison of actual result with expected results
  • 19. 
    The process of identifying differences between the actual results produced by the component or system under test and the expected results for a test
  • 20. 
    A tool that provides objective measures of what structural elements
  • 21. 
    A tool that provides security characteristics and vulnerabilities
  • 22. 
    A tool that can support operational security
  • 23. 
    A tool that provides run-time information on the state of the software code
  • 24. 
    A tool to support performance testing that usually has two main facilities: load generation and test transaction measurement
  • 25. 
    Testing where the system is subjected to large volumes of data
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