Featured Snippets: How Much Do You Really Know About Them?
20 Questions
There’s been a buzz around featured snippets for at least the last three years, but in 2017 the hype has reached fever pitch. And for good reason.   Featured snippets make it easier to rank, putting that coveted #1 spot within the grasp of many who were previously relegated to the SERP backwaters.   If you’re like most of us, you probably recognized the opportunity early on and spent the last few years researching and running tests to prove your theories.   But how much do you really know? As the evidence mounts, speculation gives way to facts, and myths are busted. Still, some untruths are likely to persist.   As more people jump on the bandwagon, knowing your stuff is going to give you the advantage when it comes to getting results. Start getting the jump on the competition by reading my last column, "How to rank for ‘position 0’ in 3 simple steps: A featured snippets primer."   Then take this test to see if you can qualify as a featured snippets expert!Note: If you're having problems taking the quiz on your Mac, iPhone or iPad, check out our tips.