What Parrot Are You 1

9 Questions | Attempts: 350

What Parrot Are You 1 - Quiz

Take this quiz to find out what kind of bird you would be if you were a parrot! Enjoy!

You May Get

You are a Senegal parrot!

  You are a Senegal Parrot! Senegal Parrots are (usually) quiet but talkative at the same time. They are able to entertain themselves and other friends and family.

You are a budgie!

You are a budgie! A budgie is a very charming bird and are talkative but also calm. They are easily attached to a favorite toy and love their friends and family!
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Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Do you like to sing?
    • A. 


    • B. 


  • 2. 
    Do you still keep or play with toys from when you were smaller? 
    • A. 

      Yes most of the time!

    • B. 

      No, Not really...

  • 3. 
    How do you entertain yourself?
    • A. 

      By solving riddles or puzzles with other people

    • B. 

      Playing games by myself

  • 4. 
    Do you talk a lot?
    • A. 

      Yes, I cant stop!

    • B. 

      No, im usually quiet...

  • 5. 
    Do people say that you are small in height? 
    • A. 

      No, I am a little tall for my age!

    • B. 

      Yes! I cant help it!

  • 6. 
    Do people find you fun and entertaining?
    • A. 

      Yes! I make people laugh all the time!

    • B. 

      Not really.

  • 7. 
    Are you a calm person?
    • A. 

      No, I can never stay still!

    • B. 

      Yes! I am so much!

  • 8. 
    Do you do gymnastics or any other sport that involve flexibility?
    • A. 

      Yes! I do and I am very acrobatic.

    • B. 

      No! its not my thing.

  • 9. 
    How fast are you in running?
    • A. 

      Super Fast!

    • B. 

      Not so fast...

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