Online Quiz I.S (Sample Only)

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Online Quiz I.S (Sample Only)

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  • 1. 
    [Blank]Refers to an inherited tendency to respond to naturally occurring inhaled and ingested allergens with continued production of IgE Type question here.
  • 2. 
    [Blank]serum is transferred from an allergic individual to a non-allergic individual and then the second individual is challenged with specific antigen
  • 3. 
    [Blank]Most severe type of allergic response
  • 4. 
    [Blank]These are characterized by the interaction of IgG or IgM antibody with cell-bound antigen. This binding of an antigen and antibody can result in the activation of complement and destruction of the cell (cytolysis) to which the antigen is bound.
  • 5. 
    [Blank] ​​​​The uncontrolled growth of normal cells
  • 6. 
    [Blank]Not unique to tumor cells but antigen expression has been altered and can be expressed in excess were it would not normally exist
  • 7. 
    [Blank]A glycoprotein that dissolves seminal gel formed after ejaculation
  • 8. 
    [Blank] Predictive marker for response to Herceptin/Trastuzumab therapy
  • 9. 
    [Blank]Not found on normal somatic cells but result from mutations of genes
  • 10. 
    [Blank] ​​​​​Tumor that does not invade surrounding tissue and normal body function is preserved
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