Who Are You Most Similar To? Amanda Or Ish !

8 Questions | Total Attempts: 88

Who Are You Most Similar To? Amanda Or Ish ! - Quiz

Its a fun quiz to know who’s personality is you closer to ! Amanda or Ish? ?

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    You're late to work / school and you need to dress up quickly !
    • A. 

      If i'm late then so be it !! i have to dress well  

    • B. 

      I'll throw anything on and be on my way 

  • 2. 
    My community throws an annual event that i'm not found of but its tradition so ...
    • A. 

      Go to the event wearing opposite to the dress code 

    • B. 

      Don't go at all ! you're not bound to traditions 

  • 3. 
    When people first see you they think....
    • A. 

      Sweet , they have no prblem approching 

    • B. 

      Intimidating, they are scared to approach you 

  • 4. 
    Your frined did something wrong , you .....
    • A. 

      Stand by her and try to shooth her immediatly 

    • B. 

      Scold her and tell her that what she did is wrong but help her through it all and never leave her side 

  • 5. 
    You made plans with a friend to go out , but you don't want to anymore !
    • A. 


    • B. 

      Go beacuse you don't want your friend to feel bad 

  • 6. 
    You tried a new ice-cream flavore , you didn't like it ..
    • A. 

      You dwel on it the entire day and wish you got your regular

    • B. 

      You don't regret the experience but you won't get it again 

  • 7. 
    You describe your self as ...
    • A. 

      Adventurous, self loving , optimistic

    • B. 

      Outgoing , caring , sensitive

  • 8. 
    When it comes to animals ...
    • A. 

      You're a cool doggo/catto mom . and you're proud 

    • B. 

      LOVE them but scared to take care of another soul 

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