Trivia Quiz: Can You Identify These Disney Songs?

9 Questions | Total Attempts: 40

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Trivia Quiz: Can You Identify These Disney Songs?

Can You Identify These Disney Songs? How big of a fan are you when it comes to Disney animations, is it so gig that you almost know all the songs with each show? Best way to prove that you do is to take this musical quiz, and see if you can identify and complete each of the line to some famous songs.

Questions and Answers
  • 1. 
    Tranquil as a forest but on (blank) begin Once you find your center you are sure, to win.
  • 2. 
    Down here all the fish is happy As off to the (blank) they roll.
  • 3. 
    So this is love... so this is what makes life (blank)
  • 4. 
    Now I know she'll never (blank) me Even as she runs away.
  • 5. 
    You think I'm an (blank) savage and you've been so many places I guess it must be so
  • 6. 
    The simple bare necessities, forget about your worry and your (blank)
  • 7. 
    He's a (blank) but I love him Breaks a new heart everyday.
  • 8. 
    I know you I walked with you one upon a dream, I know you the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a (blank).
  • 9. 
    Ruffians! (blank!) Poison Ivy! Quicksand! (no exclamation point needed)