How to Be Your Biggest Fan by Renee Cermak

The Self-Esteem Quiz

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The Self-Esteem Quiz

Self-Esteem Quiz: what’s your number?

From Renee Cermak's book How to Be Your Biggest Fan!
You bring your self-esteem (how much you like yourself) to everything you do and everywhere you every relationship, job, career, moneymaking opportunity, yoga class, and even every vacation. Your self-esteem is the #1 driver, the #1 reason, for all of your results. This quiz is intended to help you determine your current level of self-esteem by looking at the results of your life as a whole. That’s because self-esteem, or lack of it, permeates every aspect of your life. 

There is no pass or fail associated with this quiz. It’s simply a tool designed to show you how your current relationship with small daily actions, that lead to habits, are contributing to your self-esteem.

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